Types of steel doors for sale in Kenya

Doors made out of steel area popular house fitting used to provide enhanced security in Kenya. They are made locally or sourced from abroadto meet increasing demand in the country. These doors are made from a special type of iron and are continuously in use due to their protection qualitiesagainst criminals and harsh weather.

Since the introduction of enhanced security to protect people and properties, security systems have become popular among developers and individuals. Key among trusted security equipment are steel doors. The existence of these kinds of doors has savedpeople and property from destruction and even death.As a result, steel doors have become a hot property for the market.Buyers and sellers in Kenya are happily engaged in the steel door business.

The following are some types of popular steel doors in the Kenyan market.

Collapsible steel doors

Collapsible steel doors have a  unique design where vertical steel pieces align to form hollow boxes and are interconnected using small rollers. When the door closes, it collapses in a curtain-like manner.When opened, it spreads with theaid of movable rollers that give it mobility for maximum spread.This door type is popular with businesses, especially within the central business district.

Rolling steel shutter doors

Rolling shutter doors work to block off sight and any object from getting into a premise. One type of such a door consistsof a shutter, which is an interconnection of steel plates held together by nails. The shutter is held by a frame, which closes when pulled down along channels that guide it. The opening involves releasing the shutter which glides along the guide channel.

Mild steel shutter doors

These are the most popular steel doors for sale in Kenya. They are not expensive to install but can offer significant protection. For this type of door, steel plates lie firmly on a frame.The aimis to block sight and entrance.Since many businesses wish to acquire pocket-friendly protection, mild steel shutter doors are ideal for them.

Hollow metal doors

Hollow metal doors are also called fire-resistant doors. They are popular because of their ability to prevent fire from spreading to other areas of a commercial or residential building.The doors are designed in such a way that opposite sides are laminated with steel, with a hollow section left between them.This quality makes the door strong and can last for a long time.


Steel doors have become popular in Kenya because of their desirable features. Most of the steel doors achieve the goal of protection. Due to the increase in demand forsuch doors, trading in the metal sector has gone up significantly. Kenyans can fend for their families by engaging in this metal business. Ventures can protect their hard-earned wealth by fitting steel doors.The long-term effect is a robust economy in Kenya,more so within the steel door sector.

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