Baylor QB Jarrett Stidham Uncertain To Play Saturday Against Oklahoma State

Baylor Bears QB Jarrett Stidham, who replaced Seth Russell, has suffered a back injury in the Bears’ loss of the season, to Oklahoma last Saturday and his physical condition for this week’s game against Oklahoma State is still uncertain.

On Monday, head coach Art Briles stated Stidham had not suffered any structural damage and would be capable to play. But his recovery was not going well till Wednesday.

“Honestly, not as far along as what I’d like for him to be,” head coach Briles said following Wednesday’s practice. “We’ll see in the next day or two.”

If Stidham can’t come out from the back injury on Sunday game Baylor has sophomore Chris Johnson, who is listed as No. 2 on the team’s depth chart.

Johnson spent his first two-thirds of the 2015 season as a WR, would likely get the start as he’s listed as No. 2 on the depth chart heading into the Ohio State Buckeyes game. On the season, he threw 1,007 yards with eleven touchdowns and 2 interceptions on a 71.4 percent completion percentage.

Only if QB Stidham is unable to play on Saturday game against Oklahoma State, Baylor has sophomore Chris Johnson listed as the backup quarterback.

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