Everything you Need to Know About Safety Footwear in Kenya

A pair of safety footwear (also referred to as safety shoes) is privateshielding equipment for the protectionof the owner’s feet at workplace or other places. Although there are all-purpose safety footwear and shoes you may like, to ensure you reduce being exposed to foot injuries, it is essential to understandthe risks you may encounter before selecting the perfect safety shoe for purchase.

Safety footwear is so important since it provides safety protection options like electric shock objects falling, exposure to heat or cold sharp objects corrosive liquids are exposed to welding. This article will list down factors to consider before purchasing safetyshoes.


Most often, the most crucial factor buyers consider when purchasing safety shoes, is the cost of the footwear. It is just inevitable that however much an individual may want to ignore the price tag, they will definitely consider it. High quality safety shoes may translate to a high price, but again, the higher the better the shoe’s quality the higher the safety they provide.


Every person has a different feet shape, foot arch,instep, foot length, foot width, and Gait. When purchasing safety boots, there are definitely different sizesdepending on the individual. Retailers and wholesalers are expected to have the various sizes in their stores to give the buyers variety to choose from. Besides size, colors, shapes and designs are different too, and different individuals will be impressed by different boots.

Nature of job needs

Safety shoes, sometimes referred to as safety boots, are vital for people working in manufacturing and construction industries. They are Protective Equipment that helps prevent the workers feet from injuries due to slippery surfaces, chemicals, splinters, sharp piercing edges, electricity shock, etc. The footwearis a must-have for individuals working inindustrial setup, construction sites, and other places where feet injuries are likely to happen.

Comfort and joy

Safety boots not only provide protection to the owner’s feet, they also provide a touch of elegance, comfort and confidence. When a worker is on a good quality safety shoes, they work free without been overcautious for fear of getting their feet injured.  This help in the productivity of the individuals and therefore boosting the productivity of the industry.

For construction sites, most of them are slippery and full of sharp objects. The comfort of walking through them with confidence should never be underrated.

Foot condition

Foot condition should also be an aspect to consider when purchasing this footwear since some people have problems associated with toes and thus it might tighten at some point or might not fit them and make them uncomfortable.


One has to consider a pair that lasts Longer rather than the one with a shorter time.A good material tends to help safety boots from wearing out. These boots are supposed to be steel and of high quality to serve the buyer for a good time.


Safety shoes are so important and thus all these aspects help one to make appropriate decisions before purchasing them.They come in various forms both formal and informal.

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