Kylian Mbappe shared: Childhood dream and aspiration to become a world superstar on Vn88cx

Kylian Mbappe is probably the most pressured player in the football world right now. However, that is what he has been preparing since he was a 5-year-old boy. Let’s listen to this player’s share on the page to better understand this!

Opportunities and pressures for Mbappe

Mbappe is not young to be labeled a football prodigy like 4 years ago. The boy born in 1998 in the suburbs of Paris is one of the brightest stars of world football. Real Madrid, the most successful team in Champions League history, is always hungry for Mbappe’s service.

Continuous offers were sent to the Park of the Princes, but PSG refused to let go. The leader of the Paris team kept Mbappe’s feet tight by making an “irrefutable” offer for the French striker.

In addition to $ 250 million poured into Mbappe’s pocket in the next 3 years, his position in the Park of the Princes has been raised to a new level. Vn88 realizes that this striker is now an irreplaceable symbol both on and off the pitch of PSG.

It should be emphasized that Mbappe’s influence is so great that Sir Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, has to intervene to tilt the balance in favor of Paris and the hexagonal country. In the history of football only one instance where politicians had to interfere in a player’s future was Pele.

Of course, with the blockbuster contract is the expectation. The responsibility on Mbappe’s shoulders is not only with Messi and Neymar to conquer the Champions League with PSG. Over the next month in Qatar, the origin of the PSG owner, he must lead the French team to successfully defend the world championship, a feat that has never been seen since Pele’s Brazil era.

Vn88 see that from a certain perspective, Mbappe’s new contract with PSG can be compared to a handshake between France, the defending champion and Qatar, the host country of the 2022 World Cup. Champions League and World Cup), that is not only a step for him to step proudly to the throne of the new king of the football world but also the success of France and Qatar.

In the history of football, not many players have faced such great opportunity and pressure. So, it can be said that Mbappe is going through the most sensitive moment in his career. What this ambitious young man had been waiting for all his childhood.

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