Technology trends in 2022 you should focus fully

Technology companies have been characterized by leading the change, until now. The vertiginous development of new technologies such as data analysis, robotics or the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a turning point in the sector, which has forced a significant investment effort and adaptation to new trends with the goal of not being left behind. Despite the fact that the majority of managers of technology companies (67%) observe a positive effect on their business from the emergence of new technologies, the truth is that only 31% claim to have extensive knowledge of the technological solutions available, according to the experts report. The impact of disruptive technologies is so widespread that no technology company can survive without a clear strategy. Tech companies are both being disruptors and being disrupted in incorporating leading technologies into their product and service offerings.

Given this context, new technologies must make an effort to constantly update to know all the trends and how they can help your business and how to get closer to your potential consumers . In this sense, the managers of the sector surveyed indicated these technologies as the ones that are most marking their future:

Data & Analytics (D&A): Data analysis is configured as an essential factor, especially in the face of the change it represents in the way of serving consumers (75%). Proof of this is that the managers surveyed consider that this technology makes marketing to customers more efficient (47%), and that data analysis with the aim of creating change in real time is among the main areas of investment (61%).

Internet of Things (IoT): Together with data analysis, managers in the technology sector place the Internet of Things as the technology in which they are investing the most (61%). Likewise, they indicate that this technology allows to increase the productivity (49%) and reduce the general costs (32%) of their company, by improving the efficiency of the workers and project deadlines in addition to allowing the restructuring of the process in the production chains.

Short marketing videos – Surveys show that short form content is the second most successful trend used by marketing teams today. More than 31% of marketers worldwide currently invest in short-form video content, and 46% say this strategy is effective in improving engagement and driving results. In 2022, 89% of marketers worldwide plan to spend the same or more on short videos. Platform youtube now is on it as well, their new feature shorts have added a new layer of depth to the whole youtube infrastructure, even easier than using new features is straight up to buy youtube subscribers. Buying youtube subscribers will easily make you more popular and viral on the platform. Many popular people on the platform buy subscribers.

Mobile devices and applications: The fact that most citizens have mobile devices has changed the way in which technology companies provide services to their customers. With the arrival of digitization, many technology companies can now reach consumers who were previously inaccessible; 

The Cloud: Cloud computing services are configured as a key technology in the operational management of this type of company, especially in Software as a Service (SaaS) through the Internet (74%). In addition, it is in third position in terms of investment (60%).

Marketing Platforms: Located in fourth position in the main technologies in which the sector plans to invest (59%), the managers surveyed value above all the change it provides in operational management (73%) and in the improvement of productivity (42%).

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