How To Sell Ringtones Online and Make Money (2022)?

Many people are aware that a musician will sell ringtones online to raise an income. It’s a widespread practice that has resulted in artists collecting large sums of money. Unfortunately, most musicians do not take advantage of the opportunity to sell ringtones. Some local artists are probably unaware of the opportunity or lack the power to do so. 

How to Original Track?

As a freelance artist, the first thing you should worry about is making sure your music is good enough to be heard around the world. Before you upload music to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, TikTok, etc., ensure you know how to sing, rap, or make beats with it. If you play an instrument, be sure to brush up on your skills before recording your song.

If you’re confident that your music is good enough to be uploaded online, you can broadcast it to wherever everyone is listening. But how do you do it? Unless you’re signed to a label, you’ll need to work with a creative person or music distributor to get your music on these various platforms.

MusicDigi makes it simple to upload, share, and sell ringtones, text tones, and even alarm clock sounds on different platforms. Reach a global audience of millions of iPhones and other iOS devices. Simply sign up to create an account on their website, upload your music/ringtone and they will do the rest job. MusicDigi floats all your music, singles, albums, ringtones, text sounds, alarm tones, etc. on various platforms. Upon every purchase or click, you will receive money from MusicDigi. 

Different Methods of Selling Music Online

Direct Approach to Download Sites

As the name implies, these websites let you upload your music for music fans to download. They’ll prefer to use the music in various ways, as per the terms and conditions, including as ringtones. When consumers go to those websites, you want to make sure that your ringtones are among the options. Selling ringtones on iTunes is a fantastic opportunity. All you need to do now is try to upload the ringtones to such websites. 

There are a lot of mobile users out there, and the number is growing every day. For the record, people utilize multiple ringtones on their phones to notify them of someone particular, even before they see the display. One can easily estimate how high the cost of constructing money using this method will be. That is why you should get your music on Apple Music and other websites as soon as possible.


It can be tiresome to follow the above-mentioned direct approach. You will upload your songs one at a time to each music transfer service. That takes a lot of your time and effort. Moreover, each website has its own set of rules and regulations for uploading ringtones in the proper format and size. 

This means, you’ll need to know an exact amount to be paid, which can be challenging for a freelance or a new creative person. That’s where a music distributor like MusicDigi enters the picture. They make the process of making money and selling ringtones online straightforward.

It may not be simple, but a person good money by selling their music online. If you have that talent, then seek help online through a music distributor at the beginning to earn good money. 

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