Top Companies that Employ Cloud Computing Postgraduates 

Cloud computing, unlike other computer science jobs, does not often need considerable coding knowledge. Based on your work, you could also find the following cloud computing skills and expertise beneficial:

  • Ability to collect, evaluate, and make data-driven decisions
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Cloud security
  • Multi-cloud experience
  • Maintenance and improvement of databases

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Today, practically every company makes use of cloud computing. Recruiters seek people with cloud computing abilities and knowledge, and they want to pay them well. The need for those who know how to use cloud computing has skyrocketed. As a newcomer, you’re probably curious about the various cloud computing career opportunities and which organizations are recruiting right now. Cloud Computing Courses offered by Great Learning pave the way and make you ready for multiple career opportunities in this discipline. We’ve produced a list of the best cloud computing jobs for freshers in 2021 in this blog.


Apple revolutionized mobile phone technology when it created Siri, a computer that mimics a human being and supports users by asking questions. Siri’s voice is impressive, but her manner of operation is much more so. Before responding to user questions, the cloud receives and processes them.

Users may also use the cloud to trade data, apps, and upgrades without modifying their hardware or software in any way. In reality, almost everyone is aware of Apple’s cloud service, iCloud.


Those who use eBay expect it to run smoothly and display listings for almost everything they can imagine. If the site goes down at a critical time, people may miss out on winning bids for the items they want the most. As a response, when eBay chose to transfer over a billion-item marketplace, it recognized the endeavor as a massive undertaking. With the help of a team of engineers, it could complete the migration to Google’s cloud platform in only five months.

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This streaming platform has come a long way since its start as a DVD rental service. It attracts millions of viewers who want to watch one of the thousands of critically acclaimed shows, films, or documentaries available.

Due to its massive user base, Netflix needed to find a way to host all of its data, and a traditional in-house data center was quickly becoming too inefficient. Their infrastructure needed to be scalable. What’s remarkable about Netflix is that they could transport all of that data was still a budding technology.

Amazon Web Services 

If you’re looking for a career in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), sometimes known as AWS, is one of the industry’s pioneers. AWS provides the ideal cloud storage option for enterprises that use integrated web services like Elastic Beanstalk, Relational Database Service, and others. Users may choose from three various price models based on their demands, and they can also modify their infrastructure requirements, making it a cost-effective alternative for most businesses.

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Cloudways attempts to deliver simple solutions to its clients. They provide a range of five IaaS, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and other primary cloud-based services, as a PaaS solution. Thanks to these connectors, users can access all the information and data from a unified, easy-to-use platform.

Working with Cloudways, which is recognized for its strict cyber security measures and firewall protection, might be another intriguing choice if you’re interested in a career in cyber security.

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Microsoft Azure 

While Microsoft Azure has only been operational since 2010, it is hardly a newcomer to the software market compared to some leading cloud computing firms.

Users may operate any service in the cloud or combine it with existing on-premises data centers, infrastructure, and applications using Microsoft Azure. With their Azure Migration Center, they also tout quick and easy cloud transfers, as well as the elimination of the requirement for physical servers on-site. These flawless operations are only possible because of Microsoft Azure’s exceptional cloud computing specialists, so if you want to join a cloud computing team that you can be proud of, look no further than Microsoft Azure.

Google Cloud Platform

Everyone is familiar with Google, and many people in the technology business aspire to work for the company. Google is said to be one of the best places to work for a variety of reasons, including fantastic employee benefits (including free haircuts and gourmet cuisine), liberal parental leave policies, and a generally serene office climate, to mention a few.

Google provides a wide range of services, including its cloud storage, ranging from internet search to email. Working for Google Cloud Platform entails managing the company’s multi-layered infrastructure, which allows users to construct, produce, code, and store data. Google’s engineers also assist in operating the several technologies that contribute to excellent cloud storage performance, such as Big Query, App Engine, Compute Engine, and others.


Fitbit is among the most popular smartwatch brands, but the firm has been struggling as market competition has grown. Fitbit reps recognize that one way to re-energize the brand is to make it more appealing to a broader audience.

Partnership with Google For Healthcare, the firm’s health-focused cloud business, is one of the ways it’s doing so. It allows customers to share their health data with healthcare providers, giving the firm a competitive advantage against Apple, which already offers a similar feature.

Although cloud-based healthcare data innovation may have had a part, it’s tough to pinpoint the exact source of Fitbit’s recent advancements. Convenience is something that both doctors and patients enjoy, and it may be found in the cloud. Those who want to share their papers in this way can do it with the help of dedicated storage space. Providers can then see the data using a separate interface. They may also utilize the cloud platform to monitor patients, and schedule visits remotely.

As a result, the PG Program in Cloud Computing has become critical for healthcare workers.


Pinterest is a well-known social media platform that has grown in popularity in recent years. They’ve been utilizing the cloud since its inception. As Pinterest’s popularity grows, the cloud can adjust to traffic levels and keep up with web traffic. Pinterest, which is now worth more than $12 billion, was one of the first cloud computing successes.

As you’ve seen, when used properly, the cloud can accomplish astounding feats. Businesses large and small will tend to migrate to the cloud as it gets more popular to expand and scale their operations.

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